Our motto is - "Hemp can heal and save our planet - because it’s organic!"




Alongside other brands, Hemp Boutique Cary is proud to feature a local line of CBD tinctures made right here in North Carolina! Available in different strengths and dosages, we feel confident that we can provide you with the right option to suit your needs for a daily CBD intake. Our oils and tinctures offer support for a variety of ailments and conditions. We are happy to discuss your concerns and find the option that best suits your needs.



  CBD gummies are an excellent choice to help soothe anxiety and stress. Stop in the store to see our selection of edible CBD items and to learn more about the outstanding benefits therein. We are passionate about our products!   



Our pet products are awesome for your 4-legged friends. Our selections include grain-free and vegan choices to offer your furry-loved-ones the benefits of CBD in the form of tasty treats as well as oils and tinctures. We even have pet toys made from earth-friendly hemp! We encourage you to bring your pet in to the store for a visit. 


Anxiety at its worst has met its match


"I suffer from panic attacks, anxiety almost causes me to stop functioning at times. When I was told about CBD, I was skeptical. Will it work for me? Well yes, it did! I was very surprised at the calming effect it has. I prefer the edibles, but sometime use a drink mix or soda--instead of a prescription!"  

~ KD from Wake Forest  ~ 

Old person pains


 "My husband is in the hospital with numerous issues, mostly pain from surgery and diabetic complications. He suddenly had acute knee pain, and we tried the 750mg pain cream with menthol. He was insistent that we now keep it on hand always!"

 ~ Gail from Raleigh ~

My pets are almost normal


 "We have dogs with separation anxiety and a really old cat with some failing health pains. We used the drops that are for pets, and within minutes the super-anxious dog settled down. As for the cat, he went from caterwauling in the middle of the night, to meowing for extra food in the normal morning hours. Obviously we cannot tell how much relief there is, but the behavior is much more normal and seems to be helping with quality of life. One drop a day has worked for our buddies."


 ~J from Wake County ~